This is my About Me page. Nothing to say yet.


One thought on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Daf & Judy
    Just finish reading blog and so enjoyed it. What an amazing trip you 2 are having and the country looks so beautiful and colourful with salt lakes, red earth and amazing hills/mountains in the distance. Especially liming all the wierd & imaginative signs. Loved the tai chi shot. Still getting used to you not being around Daf. Played with Collete & Niki, nice relaxed games, but amazingly Niki & I came first on Saturday. Niki says I am more aggressive, as you would say Vanessa bidding, and I said she is more conservative. Nice to have a rare win with Niki but I am happy to stick with our partnership where except for moments of Brazen bidding we know what each other means or can usually figure it out. Oh yes got your text about thanking Bob and will do.
    Hope I don’t miss any blogs, are they just on facebook or is there another link?
    Cheers to you both


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